"el fin del Mundo"

A stimulating trio


By Nicolás Russo

The end of the world as a concept, as a territory and as a piece, of course, is the work of cellist Claudio Peña, drummer Gabriel Spiller and clarinetist Gustavo Hunt – a space to occupy. The most important musical virtue of this CD is that the trio explores different ways of occupation without filling the space completely, without inhabitting it, so that those who listen can also have a space of their own. The various images, climes and atmospheres generated by the characteristics of the compositions and by making the most of timbric resources and of sound production are much more stimulating than evocative or suggestive. And although referentiality is present (“Inmersión” – Immersion, “Tango XXI”, “Canción de los Derviches” – Dervish Song), it is by no means shown as something absolute or enclosed but rather as a spark that will light a different kind of fire in each individual. Moving between improvisation and the accuracy of music writing (“Hardcore para Tres” – Hardcore for Three) and with its beautiful melodies (“Girasoles” – Sunflowers) and excelent work of rythmic interplay between the percussion and the cello, El fin del mundo requires – and deserves – our presence


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